We all know inventories of properties  on the market are limited at this time (Sellers Market).

So what’s a buyer to do to increase
their chances of being THAT buyer who can purchase their dream home TODAY???

Be a Prepared, Willing, Able Buyer NOW- Gone Are the Days When You Decide You Are Ready For A Home And Go Out & View What Properties Are Available-You Do This Today & You May Lose Out On That Dream Home Tomorrow.

Instead: Get Your Finances In Line, Check Out The Different Types Of Loans You May Qualify For-Most IMPORTANTLY Get PREAPPROVED Know How Much You Are Qualified For, What Interest Rate You Will Get & Your Monthly House Payment
A Lot Of Sellers Require Buyers Be PREAPPROVED Prior To LOoking At Offers. I Want My Buyers To Get The HOMES They Desire & Preapproved- It Just Makes Buyers In A Better Position To Know Just What They Can Afford. Limited Properties Out There Do What You Can To Be Ready Once You Find That HOME!

This is the Seller’s Market-So you may want to reconsider making those low offers on a property you really want. If the seller does not just reject the offer, if they are negotiating on the price with you-you are leaving the window open for those buyers with higher offers.
Again being a prepared and qualified buyer is the KEY.

Buyers, just having a good or high credit score does not promise you the approval you want for that dream home. There may be an issue with debt ratio, you will only be allowed a certain percentage of your income for a home mortgage and this amount will depend on the type of loan ( fha, usda etc.)

We want you to be that home owner with that home you want. Buyers please  contact your lender TODAY it is not only good to be a prepared buyer but it is very Vital for you to be. Most sellers want to know, at the time we submit an offer to them, if the buyer approved or have the cash to complete the deal. Sellers do not want to take their homes off the market to all other buyers, for buyers that really don’t know yet if they can get the financing. A lot of sellers want it in writing that buyers are approved, Foreclosures for the most of them require right at the time we submit buyers offer, we have to upload your approval letter or your proof of funds or cash. If we don’t have these, your offer CAN NOT be submitted as it has to be uploaded online.

Buyers Be Prepared Prior To Home Shopping It~ Is So Important. Don’t Wait Until You Find That HOME Then Seek Financing.So Many Buyers Lose Their 1st Choice Of A Home Just Because They Were Not Preapproved.   We Want You To Get Your Dream Home & Again Preapproval Not Prequalified Is The KEY.